The applications for this competition will open soon.


Traffic is one of the biggest polluters. We all talk about air and road traffic but we forget about shipping, which these days transports the most cargo. Cargo ships sail almost exclusively on diesel fuel and thus produce high CO2 emissions. Quite uneconomical steamships sailed the world seas until the 1960s, and were then completely replaced by internal combustion engine cargo ships. Because diesel is a major polluter, and the world is in a dire need of more economical and environmentally-friendly ships, we want you to come up with ideas for the next technological leap in shipbuilding. Don’t limit yourself to existing technologies, materials, finances, ship designs or the laws of thermodynamics :). Be innovative and think about the near future (5 – 15 years), which will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Justify your ideas with a 200 to 500 word description and one sketch.

The pre-task has 100 possible points and 5 bonus points:

  • 30 points for environmental impact
  • 30 points for innovation
  • 20 points for the uniqueness of the solution
  • 20 points for the sketch
  • 5 bonus points – solve the task within the first week of submitting applications.