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RLS is the world renowned developer and producer of magnetic encoders for a broad range of industries. Since 1989, RLS has been on a mission to make encoder solutions that fit into various applications and environments. Whether in robotics, electric motors, industrial automation, printing, machine tool, medical, green energy, aerospace and submarine applications, our encoders comply with even the toughest requirements.
RLS is an associate company of Renishaw, a global company with core skills in measurement, motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and manufacturing, and which sells and supports RLS magnetic encoders through an extensive global network.


Case Study Partners:

HELLA Saturnus Slovenija is a member of the international HELLA Group and one of the major Slovenian exporters. With our products and services, we supply the most important global automotive industry manufacturers. Our company’s core activity comprises cutting-edge development and production of automotive lighting. The development area was extended by additional departments of electronics, research and development of new products and technologies, development of standard components and development of automotive internal lighting, also referred to as ambient lighting. We strongly focus on setting trends and creating know-how in the automotive industry.


INEA was founded in 1987 by a group of researchers at the Jozef Stefan Institute as a spin-off company that would bring their research into the field. Since then, they have expanded to a variety of industrial solutions, from the design, construction and automation of specialized production lines, to manufacturing intelligence and energy management in diverse industrial environments.
Their interdisciplinary team is closely connected to the automotive industry. Many cars on the road today have at least some parts built on Inea’s production line, be it filters, screens, windows, or doors – or sometimes the entire car.
They probably also had something to do with an electronic device or a piece of furniture you own. Inea’s robots have packed, transported, and stored food products such as beer, biscuits and frozen pastries. You can find their solutions in over 30 countries and on five continents.
Inea is also heavily involved in the Slovenian and European academic and industrial research community, where they solve the challenges of the clean energy transition and form the future of smart distribution grids around the globe. We also orient ourselves and work towards further digitalising and developing sustainable industry under the core tenets of Industry 5.0.


Promo partners:

Podjetje Siliko d.o.o. je razvojni dobavitelj in proizvajalec tehničnih izdelkov iz elastomerov in termoplastov z več kot 30-letno tradicijo. V tem obdobju se je proizvodni program razširil in danes obsega dejavnosti, s katerimi lahko kupec dobi celovito storitev od idejne zasnove, konstrukcije in izdelave orodja do velikoserijske proizvodnje.
Hisense Gorenje is one of the leading European providers of home appliances. As part of the Hisense international group, we are present with our appliances in the homes of customers in more than 160 countries around the world. We develop, manufacture and sell state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and technologically most advanced appliances on the market.


TRAC is a family business located in Šentjernej in the Dolenjska region. It consists of a team of enthusiastic, well-trained and dedicated engineers with a wide range of innovative solutions. The essential competitive advantage of the company is the organizational flexibility and highly qualified employees. In addition to typical automation solutions, TRAC, due to its technological know-how and process knowledge, also offers complex automated process technology solutions for the most demanding industries, such as the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnical and food industries. The work in TRAC is diverse, as it covers the field of project engineering as well as programming at a lower (PLC, SCADA) and higher (VisualBasic, Win CC, ..) level. Very important part of TRAC is also development of internal software solutions and active participation in the Slovenian research agency (ARRS).


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