BEST Ljubljana is organizing the biggest Slovenian engineering competition for the 12th time in a row – EBEC MacGyver 12.1.

During the competition, 80 students from the University of Ljubljana are going to use their engineering, organization and presentation abilities in order to win in their categories. Like all other years, MacGyver is divided into Case Study and Team Design. The winners of both categories travel to the Regional Round of EBEC, EBEC Alpe-Adria. 

At the same time, MacGyver is a great opportunity to connect with companies because they are the ones who give the tasks. Usually, the task focuses on a current issue the company faces. That gives the opportunity for the participants to show their problem-solving skills on a real-life problem and get a job interview at one of our partners like many participants before.

The date of the applications opening will be announced soon. Then the team leader gets the pre-task which competitors need to solve and send their solution before the applications close.